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Baudelys, ideally placed halfway between Albi and Carcassonne

proposes you a multitude of activities and entertainments

Cities and monuments


Rides and parks

  • Hautpoul

    Medieval perched village, historic cradle of Mazamet, the former Cathar site, picturesque alleys, points of view, small business crafts of the wood and the toy, the museum of Rocque, medieval garden, hiking trails, guided tours in torches the summer

  • Castres

    Garden of the bishop's palace drawn by Le Nôtre, houses colored on theAgoût, the atmosphere of the squareJean Jaurès, museums (Goya and Jean Jaurès), the theater in Italian rococo style.

  • Albi

    Registered on the list of the World heritage of the Humanity (UNESCO) since 2010 for its episcopal city,  the Cathedral Sainte Cécile. the Toulouse-Lautrec museum and have a walk in the old town and the garden of Berbie.

  • Cordes-sur-Ciel

    Let’s go into the life in the XVth century and discover the medieval atmosphere with its mysteries and its charms. Have a walk in the garden of the paradises

  • Toulouse

    Be allowed take in the charms colored of property named) " The pink city ", active and modern (gastronomy, shopping, architectural heritage)

  • Carcassonne

    Medieval architectural ensemble registers on the UNESCO world heritage since 1997

  • Béziers

    To discover, 9 locks of FONSERANNES, canal bridge, cathedral Saint-Nazaire, Les Halles, Arenas, vineyards

  • The markets

    - In winter: „fat market“ on Sundays mornings (at the end of November at the beginning of March)

    - In summer: market of the small producers on Mondays from 5 pm till 10 pm. (July-August)

    - All year :

     *Mazamet : on tuesday and Saturday morning

     *Aussillon : on thursday morning

     *Bout du Pont de l’Arn : on Wednesday morning

     *Castres : On Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning

     *Labruguière : on Friday morning


  • Golf

    The golf course will seduce you by its splendidly raised landscape. It is probably one of the more beautiful golf on Midi-Pyrénées.


  • Museums

    - “Maison du bois et du jouet”: initiatory and playful journey in the world of the wood  (former games), arboretum.

    - Museum of the Catharism: to understand better the Cathar period, their rites, their faiths

    “Maison des Mémoires”: discover the mazamétain heritage

    - House of the Rocque d' Hautpoul: ideal place to get acquainted with the story of the Middle Ages


  • Fishing

    The fishing lovers can devote to their passion on the lake of Montagnès or in the numerous surrounding rivers. Perch,Pole, roach, carp, trout

  • Gastronomy

    Culinary specialities with touches of the Southwest) Pink garlic of Lautrec, delicatessen of Lacaune, wines of Gaillac,

    Major duck …

  • La Montagne Noire

    Regional natural reserve of High Languedoc

    The Black Mountain takes shape in the course of the geological mysteries: abyss ( Cabrespine), taken valleys, high plateaus or hillsides soft train it an earth of contrast.

    Paths rides and MOUNTAIN BIKE, mushrooms and sweet chestnuts make it its wealth

  • Les Gorges du Banquet

    Dug by the Arn in the middle of a granitic massif, the “gorges du Banquet “ are one of the main natural curiosities of the region. Accessible by hiking trails, climbing or canyoning.

  • Le Lac des Saints Peyres

    It is the wildest lakes, comparable to a " Canadian lake ". The forest is omnipresent and offers all along theyear luxurious landscapes. Amateurs of fishing, walkers, nature lovers will find themselves in a dreaming place…

  • Le Barrage du Pas des Bêtes

    You’ll discover there a natural arboretum, more than 70 sorts of mushrooms, water and good birds on numerous fishes sheltered in waters of the lake.

  • Le Lac des Montagnes

    This lake fitted out in a majestic, peaceful and serene site is surrounded by a generous vegetation. The frame is convenient to the relaxation, to the walk, to the peach(fishing), to the walkers

  • Le Sidobre

    Gigantic granite heart of 120 km2 unique in Europe, Sidobre fascinates by its landscapes sculptured by rocks in the surprising forms. Hills, forests and torrents hide waterfalls of rocks, stony rivers, chaos and rocks from the monumental forms which make work the imagination

  • Rides

    Numerous hikes and rides starting from Baudelys. Topographical guides at your disposal.


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